sturgis-seal-compressedSturgis Library serves the community in so many ways!  In addition to our circulating books and nonprint collections, reference materials, and research archives, we offer a variety of programs and services. This year visitors to the Library requested reader’s advisory and research assistance, tech help, assistance finding information about their ancestors, Barnstable and Cape Cod history, and much more! We welcomed over 63,000 visitors and offered over 200 programs, exhibits and events during the year.  From storytime and Star Wars Con to literary reading and discussion and yoga, we offered something for every age and interest.

The Town of Barnstable provides 40% of our annual operating budget, which means we must raise 60% of our operating budget funding each year, as well as all funds for capital expenses and projects.  Despite a challenging fundraising year, with grant assistance and your help we were able to fund a new archival storage space and HVAC system protecting our unique collections and building. Our donors responded from near and far to the FY2016 Annual Appeal. Sharon from Missouri, Ken from Florida and Natalie from Hawaii donated to the annual fund, as well as our many supporters here at home.

The Board of Trustees looks forward to shepherding the Sturgis Library into the future with the help of our outstanding staff, volunteers and patrons. As we enter our 150th year as your community library, we hope you will join us in celebrating the past and ensuring the path into the future.  Your financial support is critical. Please consider making a donation today.  We thank you for your help and commitment to our library and community.

Jeanie Hill, President, Board of Trustees
Suzy Genest, Chair, Development Committee

Our donors gave to the library in many ways:

Statistical Overview for FY16

  • Number of items in the library’s collection:  192,832 (includes downloadable ebooks and audiobooks)
  • Materials checked out of the library:  75,101
  • Visitors to the library:  61,595
  • Attendance at library programs: 5,498

Major Accomplishments & Projects

  • Sturgis Library undertook two important building projects in FY2016.  The first was a project to replace the HVAC system in the rear portion of the building, which was originally installed in the 1970s and 1980s.  We replaced the old equipment with one central high-efficiency unit which provides heating and cooling to the building.  In addition to the HVAC project, we constructed a new, state of the art archival storage space in the basement of the Library.  We had outgrown our old archival vault, and had struggled over the years to maintain an optimal climate for archives storage.  The new archival storage space will be equipped with a climate control system and a non-chemical, no-water fire suppression system which will protect these one-of-a-kind historic materials from fire and flood.  The new storage space is  three times the size of our old storage vault, and will provide safe storage for these historic materials for many years to come. These projects were partially funded by two major grants from the Barnstable Community Preservation Committee and the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, as well as smaller grants from the Cape Cod Five Foundation and the Lothropp Family Foundation.  We also received donations from individuals, organizations, and family foundations.
  • Sturgis Library, as well as the Cotuit and Osterville Libraries were three of the Star Libraries announced by the Library Journal on November 2, 2015.  261 libraries nationwide received a star rating and only 15 libraries in Massachusetts.   11 of the star libraries in Massachusetts are from the Cape and Islands.  In Barnstable, Osterville got five stars, Cotuit got 4 stars, and Sturgis Library got 3 stars. This is Sturgis Library’s second year as a star library.  The Library Journal Index is a measurement tool that compares U.S. public libraries with their spending peers based on four per capita output measures: circulation, library visits, program attendance, and public Internet computer use. Scores on the LJ Index are produced by measuring the relationships between each library’s statistics and the averages for its expenditure category.
  • We are now proud owners of one of Michael Magyar’s giant light sculptures.  If you’ve driven on Route 6A through Sandwich and West Barnstable, you will have noticed the dozens of light sculptures on display around the holidays. Magyar, owner of The Glass Studio on Cape Cod, created all of the sculptures and now you can add Sturgis Library’s whales to the list of Magyar’s fanciful creations.  The whale sculpture is intended to be a companion piece to our indoor whale mobile Moby’s Pod, depicting a baby white whale and a pod of adult whales.  A whale image graces our Library tote bags along with the words “A Whale of a Library.”  The whale theme is also a nod to our maritime and Cape Cod history collections.
  • Several members of the Sturgis Library staff were recognized for their achievements at the Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) annual conference, which was held in Hyannis in May.  Each received a Paralibrarian Recognition of Achievement (PARA) Certificate: Circulation Assistants Katherine Tolliver-Level 1, Lisa Conway-Level 2, Cathy Pastva-Level 2, Cataloger Magdalena Brancato-Level 2, and Assistant Director Karen Horn-Level 4. In addition, Karen Horn received the MA Library Support Staff Advocate of the Year award for her work on behalf of paralibrarians in Massachusetts and the New England region.  Karen has advocated extensively for the professional advancement of non-degreed librarians and support staff throughout her career.  This past year she designed and implemented a self-directed, bite-size learning program at Sturgis Library and was invited to speak at the annual conference where she highlighted the benefits of this approach and encouraged library directors across the state to offer similar programs for their staff.
  • Sturgis Library received a $500 grant from the Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association.  Each year the Association awards grants to Cape Cod historical associations, museums, cultural centers, and libraries for programs or projects that will add to the public’s appreciation of antiques and Cape Cod heritage. The grant funds will be used to preserve and protect the Library’s collection of historic gravestone rubbings.
  • The Library held their first Whale of an (Online) Auction, which offered dozens of high-quality donated items to bidders from around the country. Other major fundraising events included the annual Library Dinner at the Cummaquid Golf Club, a jewelry sale, plant and garden sale, holiday ornament and décor sale, antiques show and sale, and an event featuring The History Girls (Sally Cabot Gunning, Theresa Mitchell Barbo, Nancy Rubin Stuart and Deborah Swiss).   Sturgis Library must raise 60% of its funding each year from private donations, events, and other fundraising activities.
  • The Library sponsored over 200 programs, exhibits, and events for adults, young adults, and children, including lectures, music and craft programs, art workshops, the Armchair Traveler series, Star Wars Con, and other well-attended programs and events.  Together with the six other Barnstable village libraries, the Library participated in the annual collaborative Summer Reading Program.
  • The Library said goodbye to Board members Dan Santos, Colin Campbell, and Mike Downs. We welcomed new Board members Fred Schilpp, John Temple, and Julie Jones.
  • Sturgis Library is grateful to its hardworking staff, Board of Trustees, volunteers, and most of all its library patrons and visitors, who support us throughout the year. The success of the Sturgis Library is due to the people who enter its doors – to visit, to sit and read, do research, check out library materials, attend events, or to share a part of themselves with us.  Many, many thanks.

Sturgis Library Supporters

In addition to the Annual Fund donors listed below, Sturgis Library has received support from individuals, businesses, organizations, grantors, and others for a variety of needs throughout FY2015. With the help of these special donors we were able to purchase books, ebooks, and audiobooks to support the Barnstable Public Schools’ Summer Reading program, and to fund a major portion of our building project.

Sturgis Library received grants from:

  • The Cobb Trust, for the purchase of materials for children and young adults
  • The Town of Barnstable’s Kirkman Trust Fund, for purchase of e-books and support for the Building Project
  • The Barnstable Community Preservation Committee, for support for the Building Project
  • The Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, for support for the Building Project

The following people and organizations made special donations to our Building Project, donated goods or services to our spring 2016 online auction and events, made a memorial or honorary donation, or donated a vehicle to our Vehicle Donation Program in FY2016:

  • Allen, Kyla
  • Angus, Sue & Whitmore, Steve
  • Baker, Benjamin & Deborah
  • Barbo, Daniel & Theresa
  • Barry, Kevin
  • Bearse, Carrie
  • Bettina Yoga
  • Bilezikian, Jeffrey
  • Bisignani, Amy
  • Bodamer, Jessica
  • Bowley, Carl
  • Branagan, Donald
  • Bresette, Mathew & Allison
  • Burger, Loren & Katherine
  • Canedy, Ann B.
  • Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
  • Champlin, Constance
  • Cooperative Bank Of Cape Cod
  • Corbiere, Wendy
  • Crowell, Joel & Beth
  • Curry, David & Marcella
  • Dangelo, Michele & Jim
  • Driscoll, William & Jeanne
  • Ehret, John & Christine
  • Enoch Cobb Trust
  • Ferretti, Elizabeth B.
  • Fiato, Kristen
  • Field, John & Maeve
  • Fifield, Marilyn
  • Fitzgerald, Paul F. & Anne C.
  • Flanagan, Mark
  • French, Richards & Susan
  • Galvin, Grace M.
  • Genest, Jack and Suzanne
  • George, Lloyd & Linda
  • Gibson, Frank & Diane
  • Greco, Tamara
  • Griner, Margaret
  • Grossman, Eric M,
  • Gunning, Thomas & Sally
  • Guzikowski, Zig & Martha
  • Haley, Ronald & Mary
  • Hall, Ferris and Nancy
  • Hemeon, Jan & Abbott, George
  • Hempstead, Scott
  • Hill, Lee & Genevieve
  • Hinckley, Helen
  • Horn, Karen & Danny
  • Hunter, Julia
  • Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises
  • Hylander, Lynda
  • Keating, Carolyn
  • Kelly, Suzanne
  • King, Paula
  • Klim, John & Kathty
  • Koplow, Florence
  • Lajoie, Sheryl & Brian
  • Lathrop, David
  • Lickfield, William & Tamara
  • Loomis, Lucy E.
  • Lothropp Family Foundation
  • Lowrie, Ted & McShane, Kathy
  • Mahoney, Stephen 7 Sally
  • Mancusi, Peter & Miranda
  • Mathewson, Herbert
  • McCarthy, John
  • McMahon, Caty
  • McNulty, Jennifer
  • Miller, Phyllis J.
  • Myers, Zachary & Owen
  • Nelson, Cy & Weezie
  • Newell, Betsy & Morse, Richard P.
  • Nickerson, Megan
  • Norton, Mary C.
  • O’Karma, Henry
  • Oliver, Duncan & Carol
  • Palmer, James & Susan
  • Parisi, Alfred
  • Parke, Robert & Beverly
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Riley, Lisa
  • Roderick, Lynne
  • Rogers & Gray Insurance
  • Rotary Club Of Osterville
  • Santos, Daniel
  • Sapienza, Sally
  • Saunders, William D.
  • Scarafile, Peter & Judy
  • Tabaddor, Elisa Vele
  • Taylor, Jim
  • Temkin, Robert & Ellen
  • Thut, Carl and Kathleen
  • Towle, James W.
  • Vaughan, Patrick
  • Walter & Shuffain, P.C.
  • Whelan, Timothy & Lisa
  • Wolfe, Kimberly
  • Zeno, Debbie

Donors to the FY2016 Annual Fund

The individuals, businesses, and organizations listed below contributed to the Sturgis Library Annual Fund in FY2015, which ran from July 1, 2015 through June 30th, 2016. If we inadvertently left you off the list of Annual Fund donors or spelled your name incorrectly, please accept our apologies, and contact us at so that we can correct our records. We thank all of our donors and supporters for their generous gifts to Sturgis Library.

Donors are color-coded by giving level.  Donors of $1-$249 are listed in black, $250-$499 are listed in purple, $500-$999 are listed in green, and $1,000 and up are listed in blue.

Abbott, Janet
Albert, Donald & Donna
Aldhurst, Regina
Anderson, Lindsay
Angus, Sue & Whitmore, Steve
Ansel, David J.
Arena, Frank
Ashworth, Craig & Margaret
Audibert, Don
Austin, Marlene
Baer, Natalie
Baker, Mark
Banner, David & Lucy
Barbo, Daniel & Theresa
Barron, Melanie
Barry, William & Susan
Bearse, Carrie
Bearse, Charles I. & Charlotte R.
Benson, Kathleen & Berry, Robert
Bergfors, Patricia
Blair, Henry
Blume, Ralph & Nancy
Bodamer, Jessica
Boyd, Jeff & Terry
Boyle, Jane & Galonska, Michael
Brennan, Kyle & Kyle
Br&in, Kerry & Jan
Brosnan, Theresa
Brown, Clifford
Brown, Vernon & Barbara
Buono, Harriet
Burger, Loren & Katherine
Burke, Jessica
Campane, Rosemary
Cannata, Deborah H.
Cannon, Edmund & Susan
Carroll, Herbert & Mary
Chabot, Gary
Champion, Sara
Clark, Richard & Paula
Claus, Clyde & Eleanor
Coggeshall, Clarke & Ethel
Coggeshall, Timothy
Cole, Judith
Conaway, Linda B.
Conway, Lisa & Gary
Cook, William & Antonia
Coombs, Charles
Corbiere, Wendy
Crippen, J. Patrick
Crocker, Roderick H. & Judy
Crosby, Robert & Paula
Crowley, Jacqueline L.
Davis, Phyllis
De Ciccio, Jeffrey & Sharon
Detjens, Philip & Deirdre
Donovan, Peter & Eleanor
Dorman, Kenneth & Raftery, Kathleen
Dowd, Rosalie A.
Downs, Michael L. & Cynthia
Driscoll, William & Jeanne
Duff, Owen
Dumas, Joseph & Martha
Duprey, Andre & Carlene
Eager, Charles & Sandra
Eleftherakis, Peter & Susan
Ellis, James & Joan
ExxonMobile Foundation
Fair Insurance Agency
Fallon, Peter
Fantini, George J & Carolyn K.
Farrenkopf, Craig & Joan
Fenney, William & Mary Anne
Ferretti, Elizabeth B.
Field, John & Maeve
Fiset, Donald & Judy
Fiske, Phineas & Johanna
Flores, John
Fuller, Charles & Marilyn
Gabel, Ronald G. & Laurel K.
Gabriel, Ann L.
Gallagher, Frederick & Ellin
Galvin, Grace M
Garland, Jane E.
Garvey, Eleanor
Gedrim, Genevieve
Genest, Jack & Suzanne
George, Lloyd & Linda
Germani, Americo & Virginia
Gibson, Frank & Diane
Gibson, Miles
Golden, William & Adele
Goldstein, Jeffrey & Bea
Griffin, James & Jean
Guill, Gene & Susan
Hamel, Richard
Handy, Edward A & Margaret C
Handy, Edward & Sue
Hansen, Marjorie
Harden, Charles & Carla
Haskell, Nancy & Widdicombe, Sara
Heaslip, Stephen & Holly
Helms, Robert & Lynette C.
Hemr, William & Marjorie
Heslinga, Steven & Lynne
Hickey, Maired & Violetta, Robert
Hill, Lee & Genevieve
Hill, Steven
Hilton, Jean
Hinckley, Helen
Hinkle, James
Holmes, James G.
Hoothay, Frances
Howard, Robert & Maureen
Huester, Peter
Hunsaker, James & Lee
Hunter-Young, Nancy
Hutchinson, Robert
IBM Matching Grants Program
Ives, Elizabeth
Jerauld, Philip & Nancy
Jones, Julie & Mulaire, Larry
Kaess, H. Walter
Kaupp, Herbert R. & Rosemary
Kearns, Noel Justine
Kelley, Marilyn
Kelly, Ilona W.
Kelly, Suzanne
Kenneally, Kathleen M
King, John & Mary Ann
Klug, Steve
Knott, Wm. Daniel & Pells, Meredith
Kula, Paul R. & Ginny L.
Lafrance, Joseph & Pamela
Lamb, Albert R. & Nancy
Lamkin, Mona
Langel&, Douglas & Dianne
LaPine, Paul & Wendy
Lathrop, John F. & Carol
Lathrop, Pamela
Lavery, Robert & Pat
Lavoie, Richard & Janet
Lay, Marcia
Leiper, Larry
Levin, Allison & Ben
Lewis, Farley S.
Lewis, Jon & Baise, Eliza
Lickfield, William & Tamara
Loomis, Lucy E.
Lothrop, James & Kate
Loughran, Meg & Patrick
Lowrie, Ted & McShane, Kathy
Luban, Naomi L.C.
Lyman, Joanne
Magruder, Sarah & Wardman, Michael
Mangan, Deborah & Jim
Marchese, Robert & Linda
Markel Corporation
Markham, Emerson
Martin, David & Susan
Masi, Melody & Di Gioia, Diana
Masterson, Greg M.
Mastromauro, Frank & Jan
Mathewson, Herbert
McAuley, James A. & Linda
McCarthy, Elizabeth A.
McCarthy, Mary E.
McKimmey, Didi & Michael
McNulty, Jennifer
McQuillen, Maureen
Medeiros, Edmund
Medeiros, James & Geraldine
Mercer, Kenneth & Marjorie
Meyer, Robert M.
Minehart, David & Sharon
Moore, Christopher & Diana
Morales, Harry & Kerin
Morin, Julius & Pamela C
Moser, Marcia
Mullen, Regina
Mullen, Thomas & Evelyn
Munsell, David & Diane
Nelson, Cy & Weezie
Nelson, Philip & Molly
Nelson, Ruth C.
Newell, Betsy & Morse, Richard P.
Nichol, Margaret
Nickerson, Gary
Nober, Roger
Nol&, Sam & Schiffer, Peggy
Norton, Mary C
O'Brien, Robert L. & Susie
Ohare, Joanne
Olcott, Jack & Judith
Orcutt, John & Sally
Osborn, William
Painter, Marion & William
Parke, Robert & Beverly
Patrick, Miya T.
Pearl, Richard W. & Janet A.
Penni, Suzanne D
Perera, Ronald C. & Judith
Perrault, Michel
Perry, Mary Anne
Phillips, David & Susan
Pipe, Akiva
Poupart, Mireille
Powers, Andrew & Susan
Prince, Thomas F. & Joyce
Prothero, S. Richard & Helen
Rabinowitz, Elie
Ramsey, Martha
Rand, Paul & Barbara
Raser, Bob & Caroline
Renninger, Joel & Bernice
Revere, Paul & Cary
Richards, Caroline
Richardson, Elizabeth G.
Riley, Joan C
Riordan, Cornelius & Arline
Robbins, Evelyn
Robinson, Jackie & Brudenell, Ross
Robinson, Kenneth & Lilla
Rooney, John P.
Rosenburg, RB
Rudders, Richard A. & Joan
Rueter, Sarah
Saling, Christy P
Santos, Daniel
Schatz, Ernest & Dorothy
Schelter, Craig & Nill, Elizabeth
Schlott, N. Suzanne
Senoski, Richard T. & Murphy, Susan
Serniak, Peter
Shapiro, Harvey & Ellen
Shea, Walter Holton
Siegel, Paul & Ronnie
Small, Elizabeth M
Smith, Jey
Smith, William Brooks & Brown, Marcia
Stacy, Monika
Stafford, Albert & Jean
Staples, Judith
Starr, Gordon & Sherry Green Starr
Sterling, Eliot & Joyce
Stewart, Irving R.
Stewart, Robert & Prudy
Stolte, Robert & Shirley
Street, Earle & Mary Lou
Sturgis, Barry & Nicole
Subramanian, Meera
Supple, Marjorie Cotton
Sweeney, Joseph & Alice
Taylor, Maureen
Temkin, Robert & Ellen
Temple, John & Miller, Ann
Thacher, Frank G.
Thayer, Larry R. & Margaret E.
Theodores, Ted P.
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans Foundation
Tirrell, Frederick & Julie
Tolliver, Roy & Katherine
Turco, Carmela & Sheridan, Gene
Turner, Beverly
Van Buren, Wayne & Patricia
Van Duzer, Kate
Varblow, Cary G.
Vetorino, Peg
Walters, Barbara
Ware, Paul & Susan
Weaver, Esta
Weber, David & Carole
Weil, Ruth J.
West, Peter & Debbie
Wheeler Family
Whieldon, Jeffrey & Lucille
White, Walter & Kathleen
Wieners, William & Carla
Wilcox, Louis
Williams, Gary
Williams, H. Gregory & Marianne
Willman, Phyllis C.
Wilson, Harold & Pamela
Wing, Donovan & Katherine
Wirtanen, Edward & Jeanne
Wirtanen, Mark & Reilly, Terrie
Wolfe, Chester & Curran, Barbara
Woolf, Sheldon M. & Elisabeth