As we approach the end of an extraordinary year, the Trustees of Sturgis Library would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for helping Sturgis to continue to offer a welcoming space to all who come through our doors: a space for learning, enjoyment, new ideas and personal discovery.

Sturgis Library started the fiscal year in 2019 with an ambitious schedule of events that showcased the breadth of our engagement with the community. Highlights included the Vonnegut Reading Marathon, the Hydrangea Festival, a Falling for Sturgis Gala, and a Winter Solstice Celebration along with a variety of lectures, workshops and other programs. Then, when the pandemic struck unexpectedly in early 2020, the Library’s staff expertly pivoted to a period of working full-time from home before gradually reopening in accordance with statewide guidelines.  Today, Sturgis Library is open again for in-person visits (subject to the appropriate protocols), for curbside pick-up and for numerous on-line programs.

Navigating these uncertain waters would not have been possible without the remarkable dedication of our staff and volunteers, or without the commitment and generosity of our donors. One day we will be able to look back together, knowing that we did everything we could to support Sturgis Library during this challenging period. Thank you.

–John Littlefield, President, Board of Trustees

Sturgis Library is an independent nonprofit public library and research archive, not a Town department.  We receive less than half of our funding from the Town of Barnstable, and must raise the rest of our funds through donations, grants, event proceeds, book shop sales, and other non-municipal sources.

Our donors give to the library in many ways:

If you are interested in supporting Sturgis Library, please contact Library Director Lucy Loomis for more information.  You can reach her at 508-362-8448 or via email at

Major Accomplishments & Projects, July 2019 through June 2020

  • Sturgis Library was awarded a number of special grants to enhance library programs and services to the community.
    • The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod awarded the Library a grant to fund a workshop in writing Flash Fiction.
    • The Kirkman Trust Fund of the Town of Barnstable granted us funds for the purchase of books, ebooks, and technology.
    • The Cobb Trust granted the Library funding for the purchase of library materials for the Summer Reading Program.
  • Our stone retaining wall was completed, and now protects the building from the eroding hillside.
  • The exterior of the building was repainted.
  • In the summer of 2019, we held a very popular Kurt Vonnegut Reading Marathon and related events over a long weekend.  The weekend included a lecture at Tales of Cape Cod by Vonnegut’s daughter Edie, a day-long marathon reading of Slaughterhouse-Five, a cocktail party, a doodling workshop, a panel discussion, and a Chowderfest.
  • We said farewell to Assistant Director Karen Horn.  Adult Services/Reference Librarian Corey Farrenkopf was appointed the new Assistant Director.  We welcomed new Youth Services Librarian Christy Munier and new Bookkeeper Polly Brazelton.
  • The Library provided notary services to dozens of visitors throughout the year.
  • We participated in the Cape-wide Hydrangea Festival in July of 2019, featuring  three local gardens.  We are grateful to our dedicated gardeners for opening their grounds for us to enjoy.
  • Prior to the pandemic, the Library sponsored many programs, exhibits, and events for adults, young adults, and children, including lectures, music and craft programs, writing workshops, sales of books, music, jewelry, plants and more, storytime, Lego Club, and other well-attended programs and events. We offered two sold-out Behind the Scenes Tours of the Library.  We held our first ever Winter Solstice Celebration, which was attended by over 150 people of all ages.  Together with the six other Barnstable village libraries, the Library participated in the 2019 collaborative Summer Reading Program.
  • In March of 2020 the Library closed to the public due to the pandemic.  All programs and events were cancelled for several months.  In May we resumed programming online using Zoom.  On May 18th, we began offering curbside pickup of library materials, and offered children and their families a storywalk in the front yard, as well as a takeaway craft each week.  Visitors could shop at our Ongoing plant sale and our Fresh Air Book Sale.  We offered a Seeds By Mail Program which was a huge hit.
  • The Library said goodbye to Board members Jeanie Hill, Suzy Genest, and Greg Williams.  We welcomed new Board members Lindy Coggeshall, Jenn Mullin, and Steve Whitmore.
  • Sturgis Library is grateful to its hardworking staff, Board of Trustees, volunteers, and most of all its library patrons and visitors, who support us throughout the year. The success of Sturgis Library is due to the people who enter its doors – to visit, to relax and read, do research, check out library materials, attend events, or to share a part of themselves with us. Many, many thanks.

Special Support

In addition to the Annual Fund donors listed in the next section of our annual report, Sturgis Library has received support from individuals, businesses, organizations, grantors, and others for a variety of needs throughout FY2020. With the help of these special donors we were able to purchase materials to support the Barnstable Public Schools’ Summer Reading Program,  to sponsor engaging programs, fund discount museum passes, and more.  We have also received proceeds from the sale of donated vehicles, and honored family members and loved ones through memorial and honorary donations.  In addition, we have the Corporate Donor program in which businesses pledge to support the Library for three years or more and receive recognition on our corporate donor wall.  We also are grateful for employer matching grant funds from a number of our generous donors.

If we inadvertently left you off the list of special donors or spelled your name incorrectly, please accept our apologies, and contact us at so that we can correct our records. We thank all of our donors and supporters for their generous gifts to Sturgis Library.

FY2020 Special Donors are:

  • John Alberghini
  • Irene Antkowiak
  • Kathleen Armstrong
  • Craig and Margaret Ashworth
  • Carrie Bearse
  • Kathleen Benson and Robert Berry
  • Ellen Berman
  • Jeffrey Bilezikian
  • Richard and Susan Bloom
  • Loren and Katherine Burger
  • Ralph and Ginger Cahoon
  • Cape Cod Five Foundation
  • Cap Code Five Cents Savings Bank
  • Cape Associates
  • John Cartwright
  • CertaPro Painters of Cape Cod
  • Kathleen Charboneau
  • David Chase
  • Eleanor Claus
  • Clean Green
  • Clarke and Ethel Coggeshall
  • John Cohan
  • Katherine Converse
  • Gerald Coughlan
  • Elissa Crowley and Ken Olsen
  • Suzy Cummings
  • Laura De Blank
  • Vincent Defelice
  • Mary Ann Donovan
  • John and Christine Ehret
  • Chris Ehring
  • Fair Insurance Agency
  • Paul and Bunny Fitzgerald
  • Melissa Fox
  • Robert and Alexena Frazee
  • Joan Gallagher
  • Grace Galvin
  • Jack and Suzy Genest
  • Maureen Grantmont
  • Ronald and Mary Haley
  • Joe Harman
  • Sandra Harris
  • Gerald and Anne Hazard
  • Lee and Genevieve Hill
  • Helen Hinckley
  • John Hurwitch and Blue Magruder
  • Walter Kaess
  • Paula King
  • Kinlin Grover Real Estate
  • Knitter’s Guild of Cape Cod
  • Sheryl and Brian Lajoie
  • Paul and Wendy LaPine
  • Faye Levalle
  • John and Susie Littlefield
  • Lucy Loomis
  • Ted Lowrie and Kathy McShane
  • Carol Lummus
  • Bruce MacDonald
  • Elizabeth Magruder
  • Greg Masterson
  • Frank and Jan Mastromauro
  • James and Linda McAuley
  • Bett McCarthy
  • Jennifer Mullin
  • Cy and Weezie Nelson
  • Joanne Oconnell
  • Steven Oney
  • Rosemary Pace
  • Robert and Beverly Parke
  • Barry Paster
  • Sharon Qin
  • Lisa Riley
  • Randall Rosenburg
  • Alexandra Roy
  • Elizabeth Souza
  • Albert & Susan
  • Starkey
  • Robert and Prudy Stewart
  • John Temple and Ann Miller
  • Ginny Veras
  • Gardner Wallace
  • Monte Wallace
  • David Webster
  • Steve Whitmore
  • William and Carla Wieners
  • Greg and Marianne Williams
  • Paula Wilson
  • Joan Wright

Donors to the FY2020 Annual Fund

The individuals, businesses, and organizations listed below contributed to the Sturgis Library Annual Fund in FY2020, which ran from July 1, 2019 through June 30th, 2020.  Annual fund donations are unrestricted funds which go towards our operating expenses each year.

If we inadvertently left you off the list of Annual Fund donors or spelled your name incorrectly, please accept our apologies, and contact us at so that we can correct our records. We thank all of our donors and supporters for their generous gifts to Sturgis Library.

Donors are color-coded by giving level.  Donors of $1-$249 are listed in black, $250-$499 are listed in purple, $500-$999 are listed in green, and $1,000 and up are listed in blue.

Abbott, Janet
Adams, Virginia
Albert, Donald and Donna
Aldhurst, Regina
Allen, David and Ruthanne Allen
Allen, Jane and Robert
Ansel, David
Ashworth, Craig and Margaret
Baker, Deborah and Benjamin
Banner, David and Lucy Banner
Barron, Melanie
Bearse, Carrie
Bearse, Scott
Benson, Kathleen and Berry, Robert
Berman, Roger
Bernard, Peggy
Blair Hudak, Anne
Blair, Patricia
Blatt, Karen
Blume, Ralph and Nancy
Bockhoff, Anne
Boocock, Roger and Helen
Boyle, Jane
Brandin, Kerry and Jan
Brosnan, Theresa
Brown, Vernon and Barbara
Buono, Harriet
Burger, Loren and Katherine
Burke, Jessica
Burrows, James
Cahoon, Ralph and Ginger
Cahoon, Richard and Carol
Cannon, Ted and Sue
Carey, Elizabeth
Carroll, Herbert and Mary
Carroll, John and Wendy
Carvounis, Lucas and Ms. B Braman
Chabot, Gary
Champion, Sara
Champlin, Constance
Clark, Richard and Paula
Claus, Eleanor
Coggeshall, Caroline
Coggeshall, Clarke and Ethel
Cole, Isaac and Cynthia
Cole, Judith
Collins, Robert and Judy
Conaway, Linda
Conroy, Martin
Conway, Lisa and Gary
Cook, Bill and Toni
Cosgrove, Edward and Anne
Crane, Richard
Crippen, James
Crocker, Roderick and Judy
Crowell, Joel and Beth
Crowley, Jackie
Crowley, Ken and Elissa
Davis, Holbrook R.
Davis, Phyllis
De Ciccio, Jeffrey and Sharon
Dee, Christian and Nicola
Detjens, Philip and Deirdre
Doll, David and Julie
Dorman, Kenneth and Kathleen
Dornemann, Peter
Dowd, Rosalie
Dowdall, Lynne
Downs, Mike and Cindy
Driscoll, William and Jeanne
Duprey, Andre and Carlene
Eager, Charles and Sandra
Eleftherakis, Peter and Susan
Elliott, A. Lovell
Elliott, Ben and Lay, Marcia
Ellis, James and Joan
Exxon Mobile Foundation
Fallon, Peter
Farrenkopf, Craig and Joan
Fenney, William and Mary Anne
Ferretti, Elizabeth
Field, Maeve
Fiset, Donald and Judy
Fiske, Phineas and Johanna
Fitzgerald, Paul and Bunny
Flores, John
Fortman, Matt
Frazee, Robert and Alexena
Freeman, Peter
Freitas, Caroline
Fuller, Charles and Marilyn Fuller
Gabel, Ronald and Laurel
Gabriel, Ann
Gallagher, Frederick and Ellin
Galvin, Grace
Gardner, Janice
Genest, Jack and Suzy
George, Lloyd and Linda
Germani, Americo and Virginia
Gerrier, Robert and Marie
Gibson, Diane
Gibson, Miles
Gifford, Connor
Golden, William and Adele
Goldstein, Jeffrey and Bea
Guill, Gene and Susan
Gunning, Thomas and Sally
Handy, Edward and Margaret
Hannah Lyons Bourne Fund
Hansen, Marjorie
Harden, Mike
Harris and Ringler Dental
Hawkins, Richard and Ferguson, Marian
Helms, Robert and Lynette
Hemeon, Jan and George
Hemr, William and Marjorie Hemr
Henson, Roger and Dianna
Hickey, Maired and Robert
Hill, Louise
Himstead, Joan
Hinckley, Clark
Hinckley, Helen
Hinkle, James and Hammer, Roy
Holcombe, William
Holmes, James
Hough, Robert
Housman, Ted and Margaret
Hughes, Patricia
Hunsaker, James and Lee
Hurto, Kenneth
Hurwitch, John and Magruder, Blue
Ives, Elizabeth
Jackson, Benjamin
Jones, Julie and Mulaire, Larry
Jones, Warren and Jeanne
Kaess, Walter
Kane, Margaret
Kaupp, Herbert and Rosemary
Kelly, Ilona
Kelly, Jeanne
Kelly, Suzanne
Kenyon, Richard
Kimball, Molly
King, John and Mary Ann
Klug, Steve
Kovatch, George and Susan
Kula, Paul and Ginny
Lamb, Rick and Nancy
Langeland, Douglas and Dianne
LaPine, Paul and Wendy
Lathrop - Friedman, Pamela
Lavery, Robert and Pat
Lewis, Jon and Eliza
Lickfield, William and Tamara
Littlefield, John and Susie
Livingston, Susan
Long, Philip
Lothrop, John and Carol
Lothropp Family Foundation
Loughran, Patrick and Meg
Lowrie, Ted and McShane, Kathy
Luban, Naomi
Lundholm, William
Lyman, Joanne
Machado, Gayle
Macleod, Marilyn
Magner, Paul
Maguire, Timothy and Susan
Mangan, Deborah and Jim
Martin, David and Susan
Martin, Steven
Masi, Melody and Diana
Mastromauro, Frank and Jan
Mathewson, Herbert
McAuley, James and Linda
McCarthy, Mary
Medeiros, Edmund
Medeiros, James and Geraldine
Meyer, Robert
Minehart, David and Sharon
Moeller, Susan
Moore, Christopher and Diana
Moore, Jeffrey
Morales, Harry and Kerin
Morganstern, Nancy
Morin, Julius and Pamela
Morton, Roy and Elizabeth
Moser, Marcia
Mullen, Regina
Munsell, David and Diane
Musselman, Steve
Nelson, Cy and Weezie
Nelson, Philip and Molly
Newman, Arlene
Nichol, Margaret
Nickerson, Gary
Nober, Linda
Norton, Mary
O'Hare, Joanne
O`Leary, Robert
Orcutt, John and Sally
Otto, Paulette
Painter, Marion and William
Parke, David
Parke, Robert and Beverly
Pastva, Cathy
Patrick, Miya
Pearl, Richard and Janet
Pease, Elizabeth
Penni, Suzanne
Perera, Ronald and Judith
Perrault, Michel and Anne
Phillips, David and Susan
Phinney, Frederick
Prince, Tom and Joyce
Prothero, Helen
Quinn, William and Marilyn
Radkowski, Emily
Rapp, Jan
Reinhardt, Valerie
Revere, Avery
Richards, Bruce and Janice
Richardson, Elizabeth
Riley, Joan
Ring, Ann
Ringler, Neil and Sarah
Riordan, Arline and Cornelius
Risio, Nancy
Robbins, Evelyn
Robinson, Kenneth and Lilla
Robinson, Ronald
Rooney, John
Roy, Alexandra
Saling, Christy
Sato, Barbara
Scarafile, Peter and Judy
Scheid, Carol
Schelter, Elizabeth and Craig
Schiffer, Peggy and Sam
Schilpp, Fred and Pickman, Carolyn
Schlander, Joan and Minelli, Alan
Sciarappa, Dorothy and Moore, Andrea
Shea, Walter
Siegel, Paul and Ronnie
Silber, Jeffrey and Leary, Kristin
Smith, Carol
Smith, Jey
Stacy, Monika
Staples, Judith
Starr, Gordon and Greene-Starr, Sherry
Stein, Bernard
Sterling, Eliot and Joyce
Stewart, Irving
Stolte, Robert and Shirley
Stotts, Michael and Margaret
Sturgis, Barry and Nicole
Subramanian, Meera
Sweeney, Joseph and Alice
Temple, John and Miller, Ann
Thacher, Frank
Thayer, Larry and Margaret
Thompson, Paul and Sallie
Tirrell, Frederick and Julie
Tolliver, Roy and Katherine
Trisko, Joan
True, Roger
Turco, Carmela and Sheridan Gene
Turner, Beverly
Van Buren, Wayne and Patricia
Varblow, Cary
Vetorino, Peg
Vuilleumier, Louis
Waasdorp, Erica
Walters, Barbara
Ware, Paul and Susan
Weaver, Esta
Weber, David and Carole
Weinblatt, Anita
West, Peter and Debbie
Wheeler Family
Whieldon, Lucille and Jeffrey
Whitmore, Steve
Wilker-Manfredonia, Leslie
Williams, Gary
Williams, Greg and Marianne
Willman, Phyllis
Wirtanen, Mark and Riley, Terrie
Wolfe, Clifton
Wood, Marie
Wright, Joan
Young, Jacquelyn