Property Details



Selling Date1817-03-06

Parties Involved


Buyer(s) name(s)Doane, Lewis

Buyer(s) residence(s)Orleans


Seller(s) name(s)Doane, Timothy

Seller(s) residence(s)Orleans


WitnessesDoane, Beriah; Doane, John

Other names mentionedBush?, Reuben; Cole, Joshua; Cole, Martha; Sparrow, Josiah; Doane, Timothy, Jr.; Twining, Barnabas; Twining, Jonathan; Higgins, ?; Linnell, Josiah; Twining, Pr?

Deed Notes

Both Timothy and Lewis Doane were yeoman. Several properties were sold, land, 1/2 of the saltworks, and 1/2 the land under the saltworks, 1/2 of the salt house. Timothy Doane reserved for himself the right to pass and repass to his house along the usual route. Also a saltworks near Robert's Cove was sold, and a shop called Timothy's shop, a lot of meadow, one lot in Smith Neck's 14 share property, a lot of wood. The names of previous owners of the various properties are mentioned, as well as the names of the owners of abutters. No date for the sale is on the deed, nor is the date it was registered. In pencil at the top of the deed is written the year, 1817.

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