7052686-old-fashioned-vintage-typewriter-isolated-on-white-background-with-a-blank-sheet-of-paper-insertedWe had a number of submissions for the Vonnegut Writing Challenge, and they were made available for reading in the Library during the Vonnegut Celebration weekend, October 10-12, 2014.

Books Editor for the Cape Cod Times Melanie Lauwers commented on each of them, including how closely they followed Vonnegut’s rules.

Work was submitted by:

  • Duncan Gibson
  • Diane Tonelli
  • D. E. Baris
  • Jason DeFuria
  • L/ Michael Hager
  • Maureen Moore
  • Dominique Blessing
  • Sean Charles Wilcoxson
  • Hub Matthewson
  • Marjorie Cotton Supple
  • David Nolan

Many thanks to all the authors!

To read all the submission and commentary, CLICK HERE.


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