A New Home in Mattakeese : A Guide to Reverend John Lothropp’s Barnstable

by Helen Lathrop Taber, founder of the Lothropp Family Foundation. Revised, republished edition, 2013. 8vo. Black and white photographs.

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A new home in Mattakeese

Rev. John Lothropp arrived in Barnstable, Massachusetts on Cape Cod in 1639, and his meetinghouse, which is now the Sturgis Library, was constructed in 1644. He was one of the founders of the Town of Barnstable. Contents include biographical and historical information on the Rev. John Lothropp, his congregation, his historic Bible (which is now on display at the Sturgis Library), his meetinghouse, and sites around Barnstable related to Lothropp. This edition was revised and republished after author Helen Taber’s death, and includes new photographs, essays, and updated information.

An important resource for genealogical researchers, historians, and members of the Lothrop, Lothropp, Lathrop, Lathropp, Lowthorpe, and allied families.

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