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John Lothrop in Barnstable

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Compiled by Lucy Loomis. Barnstable, MA : Sturgis Library, 2011. Second edition, revised. 58 pp. Color photographs.

Contents include biographical and historical information on the Rev. John Lothrop, his congregation, his historic Bible (which is now on display at the Sturgis Library), his meetinghouse, and a history of the building and its inhabitants from the time it was a meetinghouse to the present day. It also includes a full transcript of Lothrop’s diary, and photographs of the Sturgis Library and the Lothrop Bible. It concludes with a list of resources and websites.

This is an important resource for genealogical researchers, historians, and members of the Lothrop, Lothropp, Lathrop, Lathropp, Lowthorpe, and allied families.

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