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Sturgis Library Deeds


Please note that though all deeds in the Smith Collection have a record in the database, full deed information for many deeds has not been yet been entered. You may encounter records with only a unique ID, a date, or notes. If you have questions about a specific deed, please contact Reference Services at 508-362-6636 or via email at

Unique ID Property Town Selling Date Seller(s) Name Buyer(s) Name Details
SSDeeds.7.2.1798.1 1798-11-22 Gould, John Doane, Joshua View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.2.1815 Barnstable 0000-00-00 Handy, Hannah; Meigs, Ralph; Fish, David; Backus, Joshua Meigs, Mathew; Meigs, Jonathan View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1715 Barnstable 1715-01-06 Beacon, John (also Beakon, Bacon) Sprout, Ebenazor View Complete Record
SSDeeds.7.1.1748 Barnstable 1748-06-27 Rogers, Ebenezer; Rogers, Ebenezer Jr. Freeman, Samuel; Freeman, Thomas View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1749 Barnstable 1749-09-14 Estate of Benjamin Fuller Fuller, Mercy; Fuller, Thomas; Fuller, Jr., Benjamin View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1755 Barnstable 1755-02-12 Bassett, Nathan Parsafall ( also Pasifall, Percivall), John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1763 Barnstable 1763-04-06 Lewis, Bethiah Hathaway, James View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1767 Barnstable 1767-05-26 Cannon, Ebenezer Crocker, Gershom (also Gersham) View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1772 Barnstable 1772-12-23 Logge, John Childs, Josiah; Childs, Edward View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1774 Barnstable 1774-03-22 Crocker, Daniel; Crocker, Bathsheba; Parker, Daniel; Parker, Mercy Crocker, Joseph View Complete Record
SSDeeds.7.2.1798.2 Barnstable 1778-11-22 Gould, John Chase, Ezikel View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1781 Barnstable 1781-04-03 Hinckley, Samuel Cobb, Joseph; Ewer, Eleazer View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1783 Barnstable 1783-04-01 Bodfish, Ebenezer Marchant, Jr., Hezekiah View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1785.1 Barnstable 1785-03-16 Crocker, Gershom Parsevill, James; Parsevill, Benjamin View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1785.2 Barnstable 1785-12-30 Wood, David Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1786.1 Barnstable 1786-01-11 Chase, Leonard; Chase, Hannah Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1786.2 Barnstable 1786-02-10 Lewis, Solomon Hatheway, James; Hatheway (also Hathaway), Benjamin View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1788 Barnstable 1788-02-19 West, Stephen Hathaway, Benjamin View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1789 Barnstable 1789-06-13 Jones, Asa; Jones, Elisabeth Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1790 Barnstable 1790-01-25 Bodfish, Joseph Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1791.1 Barnstable 1791-05-09 Crocker, Abraham (Abram); Crocker, Mary Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1791.2 Barnstable 1791-12-26 Marchant, Jr., Hezekiah Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.4.6.1794.1 Barnstable 1794-02-14 Simons, Kimble Smalls, Benjamin View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1796.1 Barnstable 1796-04-23 Crocker, Abram (Abraham?); Crocker, Mary Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1796.2 Barnstable 1796-07-28 Davis, Jane Davis, Jr., Joseph View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.1.1796.3 Barnstable 1796-10-27 Bodfish, Nathan Bursley, John View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.2.1802 Barnstable 1802-11-02 Crocker, Abraham (Abram); Crocker, Mary Bursley, Lemuel View Complete Record
SSDeeds.7.1.1809 Barnstable 1809-01-17 Sparrow, John Higgins, Eliakim View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.2.1812 Barnstable 1812-05-06 Fish, David Bursley, Lemuel View Complete Record
SSDeeds.1.2.1818 Barnstable 1818-03-30 Goodspeed Jr., Joseph Bursley, Lemuel View Complete Record
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