Property Details




Selling Date1827-03-12

Parties Involved


Buyer(s) name(s)Baker, Otis

Buyer(s) residence(s)Yarmouth


Seller(s) name(s)Baker, Jeremiah

Seller(s) residence(s)Dennis


Justice of the PeaceNickerson, Jonathan

WitnessesBangs, Jonathan; Killey, Zeno

Date recorded by Justice of the Peace1827-03-12

Original date recorded by Registrar1827-03-13

Other names mentionedBaker, Josiah; Baker, Nehemiah; Crowell, Thomas; Davis (original registrar), Lothrop; Nickerson (1828 registrar), Jonathan

Deed Notes

Jeremiah Baker described as "yeoman"; Otis Baker described as "Meroner" (mariner); deed is for two pieces of property, the first containing one acre and half a dwelling house (boundaries: E ten rods, N 14 rods, W ten rods) and the second containing 5.25 acres; deed reregistered in Dennis on December 9, 1828; Jonathan Nickerson signed as Town Registrar in 1828 (he was JOP for deed), but handwriting attesting to record is not the same as his signature.

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