• Collection : Stanley Smith Deed Collection
  • Finding aid link : http://www.sturgislibrary.org/pdf/stanley_smith_deed_collection.pdf
  • Unique ID : SSDeeds.3.1.1644
  • Property Town : Eastham (Nameskeekett [Orleans])
  • Selling date : 1644-00-00
  • Buyer(s) name(s) : Hallett, Andrew
  • Buyer(s) residence(s) : Nawsett
  • Seller(s) name(s) : Simpkins, Nicholas
  • Seller(s) residence(s) : Yarmouth
  • Acreage :
  • Price :
  • Justice of the Peace :
  • Date recorded by Justice of the Peace : N/A
  • Witnesses :
  • Other names mentioned : Winslow, Governor; Coffen, Josiah; Gould, Nathaniel
  • Original date recorded by Registrar : N/A
  • Transaction keywords : tract of land, lea, Purchaser's Bounds, "Hering" ( and Herring) Brook, Billingsgate, meadows, Bass (?) pond, islands; (from 1694 entry) river, Namskeekett, marked tree, stake, rocky point, Satuckett, lee side, Eastern Harbor, little pond,
  • Book of Evidences of Land & folio (or page) :
  • Archives folder : 1
  • Notes : "True copy" of grant from "the court" to the church at New Plymouth and inhabitants of "Nawsett" for lands lying between Billingsgate and Nameskeekett (technically now Orleans); originally in miscellaneous folder.

    Additional grants on page:
    1646 Governor Bradford: Nawsett granted township status with same rights as others in government, copy examined by "J.C."
    1694: lays out boundaries of lands between Yarmouth and Eastham, "bounds of the land bought for the Countrey belonging to Cape Cod," copy examined by "J.C."
    Message at bottom says "I don't find any thing else about the Grant or bounds of Nawsett nor any Deed of Confirmation from the Goverment on record to sd Town" and "A true copy of a copy Nathaniel Gould"
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