Property Details




Selling Date1808-11-11

Parties Involved


Buyer(s) name(s)Smith, Nehemiah

Buyer(s) residence(s)Eastham


Seller(s) name(s)Myrick, William

Seller(s) residence(s)Eastham


Justice of the PeaceBascom, Timothy

WitnessesTaylor, Anna

Date recorded by Justice of the Peace1808-11-11

Original date recorded by Registrar1812-03-31

Other names mentionedSmith, Silvanus; Davic, Job C. (original registrar); Atwood, Joshua P. (1828 registrar)

Deed Notes

William Myrick described as "gentleman"; Nehemiah Smith described as "mariner"; deed for two parcels of land, one equaling 5/8 acre, the other 35 square rods (1/5 acre); first property boundaries: NE=90 ft, NW=304 ft, SW=90 ft [SE=90ft, but not recorded]; second property boundaries: NE= 260 ft, SE=36 ft, SW=260 ft, NW=36 ft; Nehemiah Smith has privilege of setting two saw mills up on Myrick's land between the bank and the shore and passing and repassing to said land; deed rerecorded in County Record Book for Town of Eastham 22 October 1828.

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