Property Details


Acreage10 acres


Selling Date1810-03-12

Parties Involved


Buyer(s) name(s)Higgins, Eliakam

Buyer(s) residence(s)Orleans


Seller(s) name(s)Sparrow, John

Seller(s) residence(s)Orleans


Justice of the PeaceBascom, Timothy

WitnessesJarvis, Edward; Sparrow, Jabez; Sparrow, Jabez, Jr.

Date recorded by Justice of the Peace1810-03-28

Other names mentionedSparrow, Seth; Higgins, Elnathan; Sparrow, Rosanna; Sparrow, Major (?)

Deed Notes

John Sparrow was a mariner, and Eliakam Higgins was a yeoman. The lot was located near Seth Sparrow's dwelling house, the swamp, drain, and salt pond, Elnathan Higgins land. Part of the lot included one quarter of the swamp within its boundaries, together with John Sparrow's homestead, and also reserving to Seth Sparrow the land under his dwelling house, and a road 80 feet wide to the main road. John Sparrow's wife, Rosanna also signed the deed.On the verso side was written, in pencil by another hand, "This tract is that which you enter at the drain .... (?) Higgins property includes the house. JP 1899"

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