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Loomings by Christopher Volpe; an Art Discussion

September 27, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Join us as we welcome artist Christopher Volpe to Sturgis Library to discuss his artwork, Loomings.

Named after the first chapter of Moby-Dick, Loomings suggests disquieting parallels between our own oil-driven industrial age and Herman Melville’s apocalyptic vision of the American quest, as illustrated through the doomed commercial whaling voyage of the Pequod.

Loomings invokes Melville’s novel as a cautionary, foundational myth for our own age of accelerating climate disruption and social unrest, highlighting today’s reliance on fossil fuel– the modern day whale oil.

“We’re still tempting Ahab’s unknowable gods and flouting signs and portents of extinction. And like the captive crew aboard the Pequod, we remain adrift in troubled, inscrutable seas.”

Email Christy at cmunier@clamsnet.org to register.