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Sturgis Library Deeds


Please note that though all deeds in the Smith Collection have a record in the database, full deed information for many deeds has not been yet been entered. You may encounter records with only a unique ID, a date, or notes. If you have questions about a specific deed, please contact Reference Services at 508-362-6636 or via email at

Unique ID Property Town Selling Date Seller(s) Name Buyer(s) Name Details
SSDeeds.2.2.1788 Chatham 1788-03-19 Attwood (also Atwood), Joseph; Attwood (also Atwood), Deborah Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1789.1 Chatham 1789-04-23 Godfrey, Benjamin; Hamilton, Thomas Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1789.2 Chatham 1789-10-20 Eldridge (Eldredge), Ebenezer; Eldridge (Eldredge), Nathaniel; Eldridge (Eldredge), Elnathan n/a View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1790 Chatham 1790-03-04 Atwood, Joseph (Attwood) Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1793 Chatham 1793-05-04 Atwood, Joseph; Atwood, Sears; Atwood, Deborah Howes, Enoch View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1795 Chatham 1795-02-10 Ellis, Joseph; Ellis, Jemima Cahoon, J___ (?) View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1796.2 Chatham 1796-11-28 Wing, Levi (Levy); Wing, Elizabeth Hervey, Paul View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1796.1 Chatham 1796-11-28 Hervey, Paul; Hervey, Rebekah Lewis, Solomon View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1797 Chatham 1797-12-27 Broadbrook, Ebenezer, Jr. Phillips, Anthony View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.2.1798 Chatham 1798-03-30 Paine, Isaac Eldredge, William View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1801.1 Chatham 1801-03-16 Broadbrook, Ebenezer, Jr. Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1801.2 Chatham 1801-10-10 Ellis, Jeremiah Cahoon, Jesse View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1801.3 Chatham 1801-10-19 Phillips, Anthony Small (or Smallye or Smally), Edward, Jr. View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1804.1 Chatham 1804-09-15 Eldredge, William Taylor, Ruben C. View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1804.2 Chatham 1804-11-24 [signature illegible]; Henwick[?], Stephen; Rogers, Ford [illegible]; Rogers, Judah; [signature illegible]; Rogers, [illegible]; Higgins, Eliakim; Nickerson, Ensign n/a (division of land among parties) View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1804.3 Chatham 1804-12-26 Nickerson, Jonathan; Nickerson, Susannah Taylor, Ruben C. View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1808 Chatham 1808-02-12 Wing, Levi; Wing, Elizabeth Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1810 Chatham 1810-03-16 Ryder, Seth Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1811.1 Chatham 1811-10-24 Howes, Micajah; Howes, Rebecca Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1811.2 Chatham 1811-11-06 Lewis, Solomon; Lewis, Roxana Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1812.1 Chatham 1812-03-05 Howes, Joshua; Howes, Ginna Atwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1812.2 Chatham 1812-03-09 Hamilton, Maltiah; Hamilton, Anna Atwood, Joseph View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1812.3 Chatham 1812-03-16 Nickerson, Christian Nickerson, Alden; Nickerson, Zephaniah. View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1813 Chatham 1813-02-09 Atwood, Sears Atwood, Joseph View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1814.1 Chatham 1814-03-14 Crowell, Jonah; Butler, Nathaniel Taylor, Ruben C. View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1814.2 Chatham 1814-06-27 Howes, Micajah Attwood, Sears View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1814.3 Chatham 1814-12-02 Eldredge, William Taylor, Ruben C. View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1814.4 Chatham 1814-12-03 Taylor, Ruben C. ; Eldredge, Williams Sears, Richard View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1816 Chatham 1816-05-18 Taylor, Ruben C. Taylor, Samuel View Complete Record
SSDeeds.2.3.1819.1 Chatham 1819-08-24 Nye, Isaiah Sears, Richard, Jr; Hardy, Isaac View Complete Record
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